Crypto Stake Token

There has been a recent rise in crypto currency-based betting services to meet the demand of a market that prefers its use over fiat currency. While popular, these escrow services follow an unfavourable trend of utilizing cryptocurrency in a centralized manner, creating counter party risk that did not previously exist. This occurs as users entrust the ownership of their cryptocurrency to services which are susceptible to hacks and leave little recourse to victims of theft. We propose a sports betting exchange which solves this issue by means of decentralization, removing central points of failure to allow the use of cryptocurrency without counter party risk. A sports betting exchange is a marketplace for the trade of sporting outcomes. Unlike a traditional sports betting platform, a sports betting exchange eliminates the need for a central bookkeeper and instead enables users to place bets against one another. This paper details Block Sports, a decentralized sports betting exchange that approaches the concept of a Block chain-native sports betting platform with two key objectives Crypto Stake is creating a decentralized and trusted framework for sports betting and providing a rich user experience through an off-chain service layer. Utilizing the waves Block chain, a solution is proposed which integrates a decentralized oracle consensus network with a series of smart contracts, allowing users to place bets on sporting outcomes with waves. The result is a platform that solves the issue of counter party risk while still remaining competitive with traditional sports betting exchanges and giving full transparency in casino gaming through Block chain technology.

The next big step bringing crypto to a decentralized sports betting exchange