The process of an investors mindset is a very simple one or of course that's how you would hope it is. Only asking a small series of questions which would trigger the answer they are looking for, Invest or move on.
So your curiosity is asking what are these questions that fit into the series forementioned. Let's use Crypto Stake Token as an example assessing a serious investors criteria.
Q.Does the project have a long term future in the Crypto space?
A. Definately gambling using crypto currency is only growing and will continue to do so for many years to come.
Q.Can I expect a good long term ROI?
A. The project is offering the token in 5 Rounds with each round increasing in value and eventually listing at least 5 cents higher than the value of the 5th Round and given its utility will become in high demand and with a relatively low total supply the price will almost certainly increase with figures of at least 100x being widely spoken about.
Q. Does the token have a unique utility within the crypto market it is targeting.
A. CST will have exclusivity on the Crypto Stake Ecosystem gambling platform being the only token giving its users enhanced betting odds on any sports book wager they place, who wouldn't want the best odds they can get.
Q. Does this token have any combined positive attributes.
A. CST will be used on the Crypto Stake platform making it not only a utility token but a platform token as well making its strengths one craved by many given the performance of other platform based tokens.

We can already see a picture forming giving serious investors the answers they would be hoping would arise.

If all people looking to break into the crypto faternity used these important processes of elimination more would succeed in increasing their wealth and long term successful future, forcing rediculous meme tokens with no utility at all the long needed push towards the door that they deserve.
To conclude serious investors will most certainly choose a utility token to invest in as it will have a higher probability of long term success.



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Crypto Stake

Crypto Stake


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