A new era in online gambling is coming, and a new ICO to invest in, gone are the times when fiat currency was all we had. Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009 the crypto currency market has gone from strength to strength gaining more and more interest. Most online gambling platforms do not entertain the use of cryptocurrency stakes let alone have a dedicated exchange, and given the new digital world we are now galloping into it is time to bring online gambling platforms into this new digital world.
Every once in a while, opportunities arise that surpass everything else in its field giving crypto enthusiast a chance to invest into a project that’s going to be a huge success, that chance has come in the form of a new crypto currency token named Crypto Stake (CST). This new token takes on the role of being a dedicated currency that will give people who like a flutter commonly known as a bet better odd over any other platform online, how can this be we hear you ask; the answer comes in the form of a new gambling eco system named Cryoto-stake.org.
This new online gambling centre uses blockchain technology in any casino, lottery, or any game using random number generation (RGN) a first of its kind creating transparency, trust, and very importantly security.
This amazing new platform will have its own dedicated exchanged on board so any punters can exchange any Crypto Currency they hold to Crypto Stake and take advantage of higher betting odds, if you don’t have time to exchange place your wagers using any top 100 Crypto you hold or even use fiat, we aim to provide a service to everyone irrespective of the currency they wish to use, betting on casino gaming or sports book events is being catapulted into a fantastic new modern-day existence.
Why people will prosper investing in this ICO, the Pre-Public Sale price starts at $0.15 followed by 10 public rounds increasing by 5 cents per round easy to see how your investment is going to pay off when the Token hits the exchanges at $0.70. Crypto Stake forecast the demand for this currency.to be very high given its unusual use and benefits previously explain in this article.
Serious investors can use several means of contacting the team to get answers for any questions they may have below are all the contact details.
📧 Support@crypto-stake.org
📢 t.me/cryptostakechat
🐦. Twitter @cryptostake1
⌨️ Medium Https://medium.com/@crypto-stake
📝 Reddit r/crypto_stake



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Crypto Stake

Crypto Stake


The next big step bringing crypto to a decentralized sports betting exchange