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2 min readSep 24, 2022

A market crying out for marketing change.

Having first taken an interest in Crypto some 10 years ago I feel well placed to highlight some market changes over these years and some necessary changes that a slow burning industry needs.

Over the decade many Cryptos have come and gone and some of the remaining tokens and coins are world dominant.

One thing they have all had in common is the fact a marketing structure will have been used to drive investment. Many strategies will have had there days in the sunshine only to fizzle out and die.

Bounty hunting primarily springs to mind although not quite dead it's days in the sun are well behind the clouds having served numerous ventures extremely well.
The principals behind bounty hunting were primarily good especially for the project founders given most was able to pay for the services after launch and in their native tokens saving thousands of dollars and costly upfront expenditure.
So I hear you ask why has this failed to remain a market leader in promoting the many various Cryptos out there?
Unscrupulous CEOs unorganised bounty managers and dare I say out and out scammers both the hunters and token founders alike just to mention a few reasons .

For the faithful honest hard working bounty hunters that worked tirelessly to advertise and promote investment in tokens or coins this can only have been frustrating costly and soul destroying to not be rewarded for their efforts.

It is my belief that even investors who trust there hard earned funds in ventures also deserved to be rewarded as they to will have worked hard to promote the business's they have committed to in hope of a healthy return, yes they may have been lucky and recieved a nice reward on their investment, but should they also not be rewarded for the efforts they made in marketing also?

A solution that I believe can solve both formentioned would be Affiliate marketing something that to my knowledge has not hit the crypto stage, and given the track record of success this brings both marketeers and advertisers it is bewildering why this has not taken the crypto world by storm.

One such project trying to bring affiliate marketing into the industry is Affiliate Me Token, offering investors, project developers and the marketeers the just rewards they deserve for all their efforts and all not having to make major financial commitments to gain their rewards from marketing .
It makes a refreshing change for an industry full of meme coins or tokens with no utility or real future to be offered a project that can benefit the industry in many ways for the foreseeable future and beyond which is certainly being cried out for.
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Crypto Stake

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